Guts are necessary for writing

“Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely necessary.” – Jessamyn West

I came across this quote the other day and must say I’ve fallen in love with it.
Guts are what distinguish great writing from incredible writing. Most people are too scared to tell things like they are. They hide behind a mask of socially acceptable behavior and try to be what other people want them to be all the time.
Incredible writing drags the truth out and exposes the liars.
Incredible writing makes you yearn for more.
Incredible writing is often gut-wrenching and soul searching because it comes from a wound or such raw emotion it’s nearly impossible to fake.
Incredible writing is ballsy.

Guts are necessary. You have to be brave enough to put yourself out there and be ready to deal with the criticism or simply not care about it in order to move on to the next line you’re destined to write.

How do you feel about Jessamyn West’s quote? Are guts necessary?

Where My Pen Rests: My Dream Writing Space

In talking about professions everyone has their “space” where they do their job; be it a cubicle, a truck, a home office or even a dressing room off-stage. We tend to personalize these spaces with things we love; family photos, mementos and what not.

For writers the process can vary. Some writers need absolute quiet solitude while others prefer the excitement of sitting in a restaurant and typing away amongst the hustle and bustle.

What type of writer am I?
That’s a good question, one I’m still trying to discover. For now I think I like people around. I find the observation of life invigorating, it’s fuel for the fire. Someday I may not feel that way. But for now I imagine my ideal writing space as the balcony of a ship, taking me all around the world. With each port stop I’d have a new adventure exploring foreign lands, tasting exotic cuisine and perhaps hooking up with locals – I mean “meeting” locals. It seems like a natural setting for inspiration. Maybe I’d grow tired of the ever-changing scenery and soothing sound of the water. But probably not.

In fact, the first book I’ll be releasing is the product of this inspiration…
“Sex at Sea”
Sex at Sea Cover
Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about my exploits…I mean imagination. :)
Until next time, stay sexy readers.

Holiday Update – Happy New Years

Hey there sexy readers,

Hope you had a great holiday season. I’m back!!!

Remember how I told you I was waiting to see what kind of drama might be stirred up during Christmas?

Well, it wasn’t as juicy as I had expected. However it was still very awkward. There were the random jabs and comments directed at me as well as the complete avoidance of some family members. Oh well. I sat at the kids’ table for dinner and had a great time socializing with the kids. It was much more comfortable there and I’m sure more fun than at the stuffy adult table.

The most telling point was when a certain someone went to make a “kind” comment about how well myself and someone else had worked together on gift giving and the other person admitted she had nothing more than write me a check for her half. That certain someone was stunned and silent for a moment, only to then reiterate what a good job we did as a “team.” Even there in the face of the truth, that only I really gave a damn about everything, she couldn’t give me my due credit and just say “thank you.”

I am dead to her. And you know what….she’s basically the same to me. If she doesn’t want anything to do with me why I should seek her attention and affection? It’s a pointless chase. She doesn’t like people who have a voice of their own, disagree with her or stand up for themselves. Oh well. Her loss. She doesn’t seem to understand what she’s losing….or even worse…she doesn’t care.

Thankfully, I have other family who does care, who does love me and who do want to help me with my pursuits and not just always put themselves and their plans first.

The new year should be interesting. I have a feeling there will be a lot more material I’ll be able to work with…

How was your holiday?

Ho, ho, ho

It’s Christmas Eve. Such a wonderful time of year. Today will be filled with family, friends, food and merriment as will tomorrow. However, I can’t help but wonder what type of drama is yet to come.

See, for me, every holiday seems to be filled with some sort of drama. Christmas is the worst. Certain people tend to try to take too much control of things and when anything doesn’t go as planned or anyone doesn’t follow said plan all hell breaks loose. I will likely be responsible for “ruining Christmas” again as I have been a few years now. Seems like I can’t do anything right. I’ll put up with ten or twelve cruel, sarcastic and obnoxious remarks aimed at me but the moment I retaliate and hint at the least bit of sarcasm in my response I will be pegged the evil witch and shunned for ruining what was otherwise a perfect day.

Yep. I really look forward to it. Never getting to enjoy the holidays myself how I’d like because I’m always on eggshells. Yet while I’m being abused in front of everyone else they continue on drinking their eggnog and laughing merrily.

I’ll report back on what sort of trouble I stir up by simply defending myself. Should be interesting. I’ve already “ruined Christmas” according to one person due to deciding I won’t be at Christmas brunch because I’d like to enjoy my morning at home with my immediate family. Oh, terrible selfish me for actually wanting time with my loved ones. Shame on me. Oh and apparently because not everyone was informed of this decision more than a week in advance. Sorry, I thought we were all grown-ups and any one of us could have discussed what was going on. Nope. I’m the bad guy because I didn’t do it. Again, shame on me. Wouldn’t want anyone else to have to act like an adult and communicate things.

What can you say? When all else fails and you refuse to accept responsibility for not communicating yourself – blame me. That’s the easiest way out, right?

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your holiday is happy and bright. Mostly, I hope it’s drama free. Mine never are, I wish the best for you.

Keep Calm and Carry On – No, I’d Rather Raise Hell and Change the World

Yep, you read that correctly. I’m not exactly a quiet, calm person. Don’t expect that from my writing.

Speaking of which, my writing. Yeah, I know, if you Google me you won’t find squat because well, I haven’t published my books yet. Hell, I haven’t written most of them. There’s a mountain high stack of work to be done. But that sure doesn’t mean it’s not worth the wait. It is. Wait until you see what I have in store for you next year…..

Whoever said Playboy Bunnies are sweet was certainly wrong. Bad Bunny follows a playmate gone bad.

Forever Young will take us into the underground world of youth rejuvenation and the lengths those with money and tell tell age marks will go to restore their younger years.

Sex at Sea will give you a taste of erotica on the high seas. Yes, I have a naughty side in case you haven’t already figured that out!

But my favorite…the one which I still haven’t decided whether it will be released as an epic length novel or a trilogy, Things She Calls Me, focuses on the games women play to get what they want. Call it an adult Mean Girls; Things She Calls Me will have you thanking your lucky stars you don’t know these ladies. Or maybe you do…

A preview of what’s to come

I like having fun with my writing. Here’s a preview of what you’re in store for…

Forever Young Bad Bunny

We All Fall Down Sex at Sea Cover


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